VL-12 Gen.2

VL-12 Gen.2 700

VL-12 Gen.2 Air rifle is designed for use in a shooting gallery and outdoors at temperature range of -100С – +400С.

Model, manufacturer’s logo, country of origin, caliber in mm (inches), muzzle energy index, maximum allowable pressure in the reservoir and serial number are specified on the body of the rifle. Inscription is made in Russian or in English on the left and right or only on the right side of the rifle.

The rifle comes in three versions: 500, 600 & 700mm, different barrel length and volume of the reservoir.

List of equipment

  • Packaging
  • Manual
  • Certificate
  • Magazine – 1pcs
  • Single tray – 1pcs
  • The filling nozzle-quick
  • Foster female 10×1

Technical characteristics

VL-12 Gen.2 700
Caliber depending on the package, mm 4.5 5.5 6.35
Barrel Alfa Precision Polygonal
Muzzle energy notwithstanding the caliber, max 3 J
Muzzle energy index F
Amount of shots with permanent speed +/- 2 mps  depending on the package (min) 50 40 30
Semi-automatic cartridge capacity 11 10 9
Type of reducer Internal
Reservoir volume without the reducer 380 cm³
Maximum pressure of compressed air in the reservoir, max 250 atm.
Test pressure in the reservoir, max 450 atm.
Trigger Pull, min
Barrel length depending on the package 500 mm
Maximum length depending on the package 720 mm
Height 210 mm
Width (without the bolt handle) 42 mm
Weight depending on the package, without the gunstock 1800-2400 g.
All rifle reservoirs are pressed up to 500 atmospheres and tested for cavities or material flaws using non-destructive evaluation equipment. 3 or more reservoirs in each batch undergo breakdown test. The minimal pressure of destruction is 600 atmospheres.